Adopt Via SSH

1. SSH into the device and type the following and hit enter:

set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform

2. After issuing the set-inform, the UniFi device will show up for adoption. Once you click adopt, the device will appear to go offline.

3. Once the device goes offline, issue the command set-inform in step 1 again. This will permanently save the inform address, and the device will start provisioning.

 NOTE:The set-inform command must be issued twice. Otherwise, the device will disconnect after appearing to adopt. The process to be followed is:1. Issue the command set-inform in step 1 above.
2. The device will appear ready for adoption in the Controller. Click Adopt.
3. Wait for the 'Adopting' status to appear on the UniFi Controller, then issue the set-inform command again.
4. The device should now change to a 'Provisioning' status and then connect shortly thereafter.